Time Vampires

I absolutely love the internet.  It is like having a extensive personal library right under your fingertips.  I love being able to do research on the fly but it can also be very distracting for a procrastinator like me.

My personal internet Time Vampires (websites that take way more of your time than you originally intended) are Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and icanhascheezburger.  Even WordPress is starting to become a time vampire of its own, they are so many great blogs!  I often find myself reading one blog, then another and then suddenly I am finding I have not gotten anything done and it is two hours later.

What do you all do to battle these ruthless time suckers?

I have made a conscious effort to keep off those websites if I am settling in to do some work.  It has been really hard, especially ignoring Facebook but I have gotten better.  I also make sure to set aside some time so I can goof off on the net.  I have found some of the most amazing things by stumbling upon them completely by accident.  These all contribute to feeding my hungry brain and giving me inspiration.  I think it all comes down to something that can basically be applied to anything in life: finding the right balance.

I know for me personally I am at my creative best when I can immerse myself in other creative outlets like photography, art, music, and movies.  History and mythology fascinate me and some of my best ideas have come to me after being inspired by some Greek myth or an obscure Japanese fairy tale.

Letting the writer in me over rule the searcher and knowledge hunter is definitely a daily struggle.  Even if I had all the time in the world, I probably would have this daily fight. Now I just have to perfect my balance of creative inspiration and working on existing projects.



My various “note” books. At least four are for one single story.

So instead of wasting more time fretting over whether or not working on the new story or an old one is the right thing to do, I have made a compromise with myself.

Compromise + Organization = Compromization

As you can see in the above picture, I have notes for various books everywhere.  At least four of the notebooks in the picture are for my Super-Secret book.  For some reason, I am terrified to condense and throw theses away.

I also have a journal/notebook fetish.  I love them.  If I see one I like, I usually buy it, even if I do not really have a reason for it at that exact moment.  There is some good news however.  I recently found a NLA Group (Notebook Lovers Annonymous) and my sponsor is helping me overcome my addiction.  It is terribly hard though as Martha Stewart just released an adorable office supply line.  The journals are amazing, Moleskin quality with a touch of style.  I will be strong and have banned myself from the local Staples.

Enough with my OCD, fetishes and on to the point shall we?  I have decided that I will start working on my new story, but only AFTER I have gotten all my current ideas organized and in a less haphazard system.

Organization of my ideas is one of the reasons why I decided to start blogging on WordPress was to have all my random musings and research in one place.  I am still working out how I will use it the most intuitive way, but so far I am really impressed.  I am sure there will be a blog at some point highlighting everything once I get it all figure out.

So tomorrow will begin my mass exodus of organization.  Wish me luck!

New vs. Old Ideas

Black Painting #6

So in the spirit of being a good writer and all that, I am having the most interesting internal struggle.  Do I want to work on the many stories I have been putting on the back burner, or do I want to start working on this new idea I have for a young adult series?

Here is a quick, non-detailed overview of my current inventory of incomplete or desperately need reworking stories.  Keep in mind, most of these are what I call “working titles” so please make no assumptions about them based on their lame temporary titles.

  • Love is a young adult romance period piece.  This story was started way back in high school.
  • Primal is a completed short story that I plan on fleshing out into a young adult fantasy/romance which was also written in high school.
  • 21 Days a “chick lit” book based in Boston.
  • Vampy, as you can imagine it is an adult book about vampires.  I promise no sparkling or stalking of weak female lead characters.
  • Super-Secret another “chick lit” book with a new twist on a classic well known fairy tale.

Besides the above fledgling tales, there is this new story idea that has been buzzing around my head.  It will be a paranormal young adult series when I am finished with it.

I think all of the above ideas are very sellable, but which one do I concentrate on first?

The reasons I am leaning towards my new paranormal YA series are:

  • It is a new concept and I am hoping that this will help set fire to my inner writer.
  • I love doing research for a new story.  I love mythology and learning new things.  But I think this is also one of the main excuses I use when procrastinating.
  • I am thinking about self publishing it on Amazon to help raise funds for a desperately needed laptop.  My current laptop is practically in two pieces and the screen is only connected by a very weak and easily broken wire.

I am going to sleep on it tonight, perhaps my dreams will reveal the proper action to take.