Time makes a heart grow…

Well Hello there.

Seems like I have not written on here in FOREVER.

Oh wait.  That is true… because I haven’t.

So life happened, and in the way that life typically does things I’m left holding a jumbled up mess of pieces and other things.

Here is what’s happened:

  • I moved to North Carolina.
  • I had a stroke.

I know. A lot of stuff right?  I’m sure there are more things to talk about but those are the two really important things.

I’m still working out the why and all that of the stroke (the doctors are sure taking their sweet time!).  Luckily it doesn’t appear to have affected me very much.  I do have some short term memory loss and a few other very mild personality changes but all in all it hasn’t been too bad.

Moving to NC was unexpected to say the least, but things are going well.  I’ll make a post about it in the next day or so to give a huge update on everything.

So that’s it in a nut shell.  I hope to start working on my stories etc asap so be on the look out for some new awesomeness as far as that all goes.


Hot Mess


My organization project is in full swing and it is a little daunting.  I did not realize how much I love to take notes while doing research.  I do not think it would be so bad if they were better organized and in only one place, but of course they are all over the place.

At least I have them mostly organized in notebooks, albeit several notebooks.  They are still a wicked hot mess though.

So now instead of having a gazillion notebooks that I take with me everywhere, I am going to be using WordPress as my virtual notebook.

Here is my first “Note” entry for my story Vampy:

Note entry for research on Empusa

Because I do not necessarily want just anyone to read my notes (sorry guys) I have edited my publishing settings for these notes to private:

Private Settings

After writing the notes, I made a new category for which specific story this note pertains to, in this case Vampy:

New Category for Vampy

And I make sure to tag it with keywords so I can easily find it later if I need to reference it.  I used any of the keywords I think I might use in the future:

Tags for this specific note

This is all in the infantile stages, I am sure I will tweak it as I use the site more.  I am pretty excited though.  Now I just have a gazillion more entries to make.

The hardest thing I am finding is that by going through my old notes, I get inspired by new ideas and start wanting to do more research.  Right now I am making myself focus on my existing notes so I do not get sidetracked.  Besides, I want to start working on my new young adult project.  After all that was the Compromization I made myself.

I will make sure to post an update in a couple months and let you all know how this new system is working out.

What do all of you use to organize your research and ideas?


My various “note” books. At least four are for one single story.

So instead of wasting more time fretting over whether or not working on the new story or an old one is the right thing to do, I have made a compromise with myself.

Compromise + Organization = Compromization

As you can see in the above picture, I have notes for various books everywhere.  At least four of the notebooks in the picture are for my Super-Secret book.  For some reason, I am terrified to condense and throw theses away.

I also have a journal/notebook fetish.  I love them.  If I see one I like, I usually buy it, even if I do not really have a reason for it at that exact moment.  There is some good news however.  I recently found a NLA Group (Notebook Lovers Annonymous) and my sponsor is helping me overcome my addiction.  It is terribly hard though as Martha Stewart just released an adorable office supply line.  The journals are amazing, Moleskin quality with a touch of style.  I will be strong and have banned myself from the local Staples.

Enough with my OCD, fetishes and on to the point shall we?  I have decided that I will start working on my new story, but only AFTER I have gotten all my current ideas organized and in a less haphazard system.

Organization of my ideas is one of the reasons why I decided to start blogging on WordPress was to have all my random musings and research in one place.  I am still working out how I will use it the most intuitive way, but so far I am really impressed.  I am sure there will be a blog at some point highlighting everything once I get it all figure out.

So tomorrow will begin my mass exodus of organization.  Wish me luck!