Time makes a heart grow…

Well Hello there.

Seems like I have not written on here in FOREVER.

Oh wait.  That is true… because I haven’t.

So life happened, and in the way that life typically does things I’m left holding a jumbled up mess of pieces and other things.

Here is what’s happened:

  • I moved to North Carolina.
  • I had a stroke.

I know. A lot of stuff right?  I’m sure there are more things to talk about but those are the two really important things.

I’m still working out the why and all that of the stroke (the doctors are sure taking their sweet time!).  Luckily it doesn’t appear to have affected me very much.  I do have some short term memory loss and a few other very mild personality changes but all in all it hasn’t been too bad.

Moving to NC was unexpected to say the least, but things are going well.  I’ll make a post about it in the next day or so to give a huge update on everything.

So that’s it in a nut shell.  I hope to start working on my stories etc asap so be on the look out for some new awesomeness as far as that all goes.


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