Hot Mess


My organization project is in full swing and it is a little daunting.  I did not realize how much I love to take notes while doing research.  I do not think it would be so bad if they were better organized and in only one place, but of course they are all over the place.

At least I have them mostly organized in notebooks, albeit several notebooks.  They are still a wicked hot mess though.

So now instead of having a gazillion notebooks that I take with me everywhere, I am going to be using WordPress as my virtual notebook.

Here is my first “Note” entry for my story Vampy:

Note entry for research on Empusa

Because I do not necessarily want just anyone to read my notes (sorry guys) I have edited my publishing settings for these notes to private:

Private Settings

After writing the notes, I made a new category for which specific story this note pertains to, in this case Vampy:

New Category for Vampy

And I make sure to tag it with keywords so I can easily find it later if I need to reference it.  I used any of the keywords I think I might use in the future:

Tags for this specific note

This is all in the infantile stages, I am sure I will tweak it as I use the site more.  I am pretty excited though.  Now I just have a gazillion more entries to make.

The hardest thing I am finding is that by going through my old notes, I get inspired by new ideas and start wanting to do more research.  Right now I am making myself focus on my existing notes so I do not get sidetracked.  Besides, I want to start working on my new young adult project.  After all that was the Compromization I made myself.

I will make sure to post an update in a couple months and let you all know how this new system is working out.

What do all of you use to organize your research and ideas?


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