New vs. Old Ideas

Black Painting #6

So in the spirit of being a good writer and all that, I am having the most interesting internal struggle.  Do I want to work on the many stories I have been putting on the back burner, or do I want to start working on this new idea I have for a young adult series?

Here is a quick, non-detailed overview of my current inventory of incomplete or desperately need reworking stories.  Keep in mind, most of these are what I call “working titles” so please make no assumptions about them based on their lame temporary titles.

  • Love is a young adult romance period piece.  This story was started way back in high school.
  • Primal is a completed short story that I plan on fleshing out into a young adult fantasy/romance which was also written in high school.
  • 21 Days a “chick lit” book based in Boston.
  • Vampy, as you can imagine it is an adult book about vampires.  I promise no sparkling or stalking of weak female lead characters.
  • Super-Secret another “chick lit” book with a new twist on a classic well known fairy tale.

Besides the above fledgling tales, there is this new story idea that has been buzzing around my head.  It will be a paranormal young adult series when I am finished with it.

I think all of the above ideas are very sellable, but which one do I concentrate on first?

The reasons I am leaning towards my new paranormal YA series are:

  • It is a new concept and I am hoping that this will help set fire to my inner writer.
  • I love doing research for a new story.  I love mythology and learning new things.  But I think this is also one of the main excuses I use when procrastinating.
  • I am thinking about self publishing it on Amazon to help raise funds for a desperately needed laptop.  My current laptop is practically in two pieces and the screen is only connected by a very weak and easily broken wire.

I am going to sleep on it tonight, perhaps my dreams will reveal the proper action to take.


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